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People might wonder who are the male victims of domestic abuse?

Male victims come from all walks of life, social backgrounds and cultures. Male victims suffer society’s stigma for not protecting themselves. Male victims become depressed in their isolation, feel suicidal and sometimes take their own lives without disclosure. Male victims can be disbelieved because they are men and are refused the status of victims, and are removed from or asked to leave their family homes because it is the easy option.

However, domestic abuse is a serious social issue. Unlike women, the issue of abuse of men has not always been discussed as freely within society up until recent years. There are several reasons why this is the case. Domestic abuse is a social issue, it is linked to men’s functioning in society and men play a key role in society, such as friends, role models, workers, fathers, husbands and partners. As a result, society may expect a lot from men, particularly to be strong individuals who are in control over the roles in which they fulfil.

While in reality, males may be caring, sensitive men, good fathers and providers.